MNM's Magical Revelation

You had the sweetest personality . . . loved everyone and took in anyone's puppies.  Without you, Chance's son Fire would not be here today.  A spectacular looking girl in the show ring . . . but you never liked traveling. Carl and I thought the world of you and we will both miss you. I'm sure that whereever you are, you are taking care of puppies. Thank you, Elvira, for everything you did for us.

In Loving Memory Of . . .
Heartland's Midnight Saranade
I think there must be a dog show at Rainbow Bridge and that is why so many dogs left us.   Sara, when they call your number, go in and take that last major, you sure deserve it.  I miss you so much and will do my best to keep your memory going with your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.  You were everything to me and I will try to make you proud of us.

Ch. Marbil's Dream Come True

It was a rough road for you as a little puppy . . . the nights we stayed up all night getting you to eat . . .
I talked to you all night and sometimes I think you answered. It was all worth it . . . you were so spectacular in the ring . . . such spirit . . . You and Fran made a beautiful team . . . Losing you put a hole in my heart and Fran's . . . We will miss you always.

Marbil's Chance of a Lifetime

You were everything that I wanted.  You truly were my "chance of a lifetime". I still look to you for "help" during those tough whelpings and I know you are there. Your name will live on in our line as a tribute to you forever. I know that you and your daughter, Dreamer, are playing with Sara and Elvira by the bridge, and I look forward to seeing all of you again. Keep an eye on your son, "Fire", he is making you proud down here.