Marbil's Forever Amber
Owned and Spoiled by Trudy and George Reynolds

Trudy and Amber's Christmas.

Sharing . . .

Some of my favorite pictures, people and poms
"Cooper In A Cup"
Cooper loved to sit in his food dish
He is now "CH Marbil's Mini Cooper At MNM
Marbil-Debut If I Could Turn Back Time
Cher the "diva". 
Now owned and loved by Leesa and Gabriel Alonzo

"what do you mean we arent supposed to drink out of the toilet?"

Owned and loved by Missie Varner
Thank you to Pat Dague for taking this sweet picture.  It is one of my favorites.  This is "Echo", CH. Mtn Views Turn It Up Turn It Up and her baby, "Jagger", BPIS Mtn Views I Wanna Be A Rock Star.
Marbil's Zack Daniels, "Zack" with Leesa and Cher
Vacations take alot out of you!!!  Leesa, S'mores, Cher, and Zack napping in the motel room . . . where does Gabriel get to sleep?
Fergie's first photo shoot!!!

A small fashion show . . .

she looks stunning.

Thanks to Lee Cook who has been socializing, showing and "dressing" Fergie.